Written assignment on Natural law survival through any means necessary

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Option 2 Natural Law: Survival through Any Means Necessary

Plot/Background: Five experienced cave explorers become trapped during a seismic event. They have found no way of escape. Because each of them has told a family member where they would be exploring, they are certain that a rescue team will eventually come. However, days have gone by and the party has exhausted their supply of food and water and is now feeling the effects of dehydration and starvation. One in particular is showing signs of severe dehydration including confusion, rapid breathing, and pain.

Question: Using what you know about Aquinas’ Theory of Natural Law, should the explorers kill and eat the weakest member of their party so that the others have a greater chance of staying alive till a rescue comes? Be sure to illustrate a thorough knowledge of Natural Law in your essay, as that will be a significant part of your grade.