Workplace Culture and Competence in Health and Human Service, health and medicine homework help

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Discussion 1:

Workplace Culture and Competence in Health and Human Service

Prepare: Select a minimum of one scholarly article that examines the role of workplace culture within a health and/or human services setting of your choice (e.g., community clinic, social services agency, care facility, etc.) .

Reflect: The term “culture” is not limited to our understanding of cultural competency as it relates to client interaction; it is also applicable to our understanding of aspects related to the work environment. In this discussion, we will reflect upon the concept of “workplace culture,” and analyze its pertinence in the development of effective strategy. Then take this concept a step further and apply it to the notion of organizational cultural competence

Write: Summarize your selected scholarly article (e.g., its aims/purpose along with relevant content or topic areas). Next, analyze culturally competent elements, as they relate to workplace culture, that are necessary for effective service delivery in the setting discussed in the article (you may select elements that are discussed in the article or general elements applicable to health and human service organizations that are supported by a scholarly source). Finally, explain how some of the types of disconnects between strategy and culture might impact an organization’s ability to be culturally competent, either in the workplace or in direct client interaction. Must be a minimum of 300 words.

Discussion 2:

Where Does Policy Go From Here

Prepare: Select a minimum of one scholarly article addressing social and/or public policy issues related to a social challenge of interest addressed by human service organizations.

Reflect: Ultimately, human service organizations and policy are distinctly intertwined in a variety of ways. In this discussion you will examine the significance of social policy related to a particular challenge (e.g., poverty, child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, etc.) and determine components associated with successful health and human service delivery relationships.

Write: Summarize your scholarly article’s main points regarding the role that policy plays in your particular social challenge. After this, analyze how specific policies, Acts, legislation, etc. impact the effective delivery of services on multiple levels (ie., the individual, family, group, organization, and community). Lastly, discuss how human service organizations can champion effective social policies going forward, taking into consideration your understanding of what makes service delivery successful. Must be a minimum of 300 words