What’s your opinion of sales people?

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Some people have an unfavorable opinion of sales people. How do you feel? State your opinion, and provide a personal experience. Your post will need to be a minimum of 150 words. You will also need to respond to at least 1 other students’ response.

You will be graded for this discussion and all others according to the rubric found below:

Discussion rubric 5 (1)

1) The discussion response is interesting, indicates critical and reflective thinking, & covers the topic well. 10 points

2) Comprehensive, a minimum of 150 words. 4 points

3) Quality of the response (spelling,grammar,organization, etc.). 2 points

4) Respond to at least 1 other student in a minimum 5 line paragraph. American students respond to an international student and international students respond to an American student. 4 points.

Total Possible Points: 20.0