Week 6 Social Research Issue Essay

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Research a current major social/cultural issue or problem relevant to your career or intended
career. Discuss how your formal degree studies (including key theories, models, methods, and
related empirical research) have prepared you to identify, analyze, and resolve that issue the
issue or problem. Recommend and construct an innovative problem-solving strategy, using a
thesis and supporting reasons, that addresses the issue or problem.
For example, if your field of study were business, and you worked for a utility company that sold
hunting licenses on some of its land to create revenue, what should the company do when
approached by a community group that requests the practice stop? Or what about the corporate
use of off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes? If your career path leads you to firefighting, for
example, would you protest the increase of residential development into wilderness areas due
to the costs of suppressing those fires?
This essay should be academic in tone, use at least five outside sources (please use peer
reviewed or trade publications, or interviews with experts in the field), and be 1500-2000 words
in length. Essays should follow APA formatting conventions. The Title and References pages
will not be included in the required word count.

Attached are the instructions and grading rubric for the assignment. All criteria must be met to a tee. The literature review complete with references and headers is attached as well. GO from the literature review and expand on the paragraphs. It is not much else that needs to be done.