Volcano Discussion Post

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For your discussion post:

  • Find two good pictures and/or videos of erupting volcanoes.  
  • Possible search terms are:  ash plume, eruption column, fissure eruption, nuee ardente, pyroclastic flow, submarine volcano, subsea volcano, underwater volcano, undersea volcano, volcanic eruption, volcanic vent.
  • Describe what you have found for your classmates, explaining what the features are in each example, and how they are formed.  The goal is to give interesting, accurate information to your classmates.
  • If you have the name and location for the volcano, include that in your post.
  • Think of this as a “mini-report” rather than a casual discussion post.  Four or five sentences about each picture or video is sufficient. Posts can be brief but they should also be informative and well-written.  
  • Your report should have references, and sources for the pictures and video.  Your textbook is a good reference for explaining the concepts in your post.  You may also use Wikipedia for this assignment.
  • Any direct quotes that you use should be in quotation marks, with the reference in parentheses.
  • A website such as citefast.com makes it very easy to put your references in correct form.  At citefast.com, choose APA style and fill in the information that you have reasonably available.
  • Do this post in a word processing document and then attach it to the discussion board using the “Attach File” tool Attach File  found in the bottom row of the toolbar.  This will give you much better control of the formatting than you would have by posting to the discussion board directly.
  • If you are posting a video, just put the link to the video in your document. 
  • To view the rubric before posting, go to My Grades, find the assignment, hover over it, and click “View Rubric”