Veterinary Parasitology Video with Questions

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Watch the video “How Butterflies Self-Medicate then answer the following questions.… 1. De Roode notes that animals besides humans self-medicate. From your knowledge of animals, what are some ways that domestic pets like cats and dogs self-medicate? 2. De Roode mentions a risk in using man-made medicine when treating certain pathogens. What is that risk? 3. What are two ways that eating certain kinds of milkweeds help monarch butterflies survive? 4. Two experiments were mentioned in the talk: one that tested food preference in caterpillars, and another that tested for egg-laying preferences in adult butterflies. What were the results of those two experiments, and what did those results imply? 5. How can humans (and veterinarians) benefit from examining this kind of animal behavior? What “new” avenues of thinking are opened up by the butterfly experiments?