topic selection and research for Environmental issue

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this is due tomorrow:

Environmental Law Research & Analysis Assignment – Topic Selection for your chosen topic – requires you to select an environmental issue or controversy to research and analyze in the context of environmental policy and law. This is a three-page Canvas submission in APA format of your topic and a brief analysis that identifies at least five sources supporting your research & writing (cover, discussion of topic, references)

this is due in one week:

Environmental Law Research & Analysis Assignment – Final paper: Students will submit a research paper or project, five to six pages in length (exclusive of cover page and references). In this paper, students will explore the issues, circumstances, and law of an environmental issue. Students will comprehensively analyze and describe the facts, interested parties, public policies, and laws involved in a controversy regarding the environment. This final submission will reflect that the student developed a topic, research strategy, and position in a systematic way through critical evaluation and selecting data / evidence that is organized into an argument that is clear, ordered, and scholarly in style and format; APA format required for all elements.