State and Local Government Paper/Project

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State and Local Government Paper/Project
The best way to understand politics is to look behind the scenes of our government and examine
how government impacts the lives of everyday citizens. Each student is required to complete a
project. These projects will focus on civil rights, civil liberties and abuse of power by
government or government officials showcasing the movie listed below. For the paper, each
student is to submit a five-page, typed report with an additional page as a cover sheet (listing the
course, student name, date, and issue). I keep referencing “project” because students may
substitute something else in lieu of a paper. This something else must be approved in advance by
the Instructor. You can include videos. I have had students submit short (10 to 15 minute)
movies. I have had documentaries. Some students have conducted their own public opinion
polls interviewing fellow students. Be creative.
This assignment is due November 15 at midnight.
Please use MS Word’s default margins, double space your paper, use page numbers (but not for
the cover sheet), and use 12-point Times New Roman font.
The paper/project is to be e-mailed to the instructor’s e-mail address by midnight of the due date.
Students will watch the movie “Walkout”. This film is about the Los Angeles Public Schools
series of walkouts by high school students in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods. The
movie features mature language and adult situations. If a student finds this objectionable, they
may contact the instructor for an alternative assignment.
The film showcases a specific crisis in the political history of the United States of America. It
deals with the violation of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. The focus is on interaction with local
government entities in 1968.
The movie can be purchased from Amazon or rented through Netflix.
Students will use the film as a backdrop for a discussion of the chapters in the text dealing with
the topics of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Students must clearly demonstrate that they have
viewed the film and have developed a knowledge of the differences between Civil Rights and
Civil Liberties.
Papers will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a violation of the EPCC Honor Code.
Papers should be written at a college level. Double check work for correct spelling, sentence
structure and paragraph structure.
If you need assistance with understanding how a college paper should be written, please seek
help from the EPCC Writing Center.
Do not wait until the last minute. Order and watch the film now. Send me questions about this
project this week.