SNHU Android Studio Introduction Paper

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Earlier in this course, you created a simple layout in Android Studio. For this assignment, you will be building off of the UI you already created and will practice some simple coding with Android Studio. It will be important to use this as an opportunity to continue getting a feel for the tool, while also reviewing your skills.


Open the file you saved from the Module Three assignment in Android Studio, then edit the file.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Create a function that displays a greeting. In Android Studio, create a new public function named “SayHello()” that returns a void. The function will need to accept a View as a parameter. Within the function, ensure that it displays a message and check that the contents of nameText are not null.
  • Create validation of the elements and inputs. To complete this task you must do all of the following:
    • If the content of nameText is not null, write “Hello” and the contents of nameText to textGreeting.
    • If the content of nameText is null, write “You must enter a name” to textGreeting.
    • On activity_main.xml, set the “onClick of buttonSayHello” to “SayHello()”.
  • Dynamically enable and disable the button for appropriate situations. For buttonSayHello, the following pattern should be created:
    • Dynamically disable buttonSayHello if there is no text in nameText.
    • Dynamically enable buttonSayHello when text is entered in nameText.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a ZIP file of the completed Android Studio project folder for your fully functional, error-free work. Reference the additional support in this week’s Resources section for assistance with this process.