Research paper on Sickle cell

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Paper must be 6 pages of text, typed double space, tines new roman, 12pt

Must include in text parenthetical citation MLA format

No question allowed

Must be 10 references including: select journal article for presentation, 3 review journal article, 3 U.S. govt/health website (CDC, USDA, FDA, NIH, World Health Organization), 3 textbook and websites like ( can be used

Biology Review Paper

Purpose review recent progress unparticular tape by discussing results of recent research papers and findings

Section of paper

Intro and background- explain “big picture” relevance of topic and info necessary to understand recent findings

Body of paper- experimental evidence-describe important results from recent journal articles

Explain how results help you understand topic

Mention types of experience and results (do not write materials and methods from back of journal articles)

Discuss controversy in the field


Summarize major points

Point of significance of result

Discuss unanswered questions related to topic

Separate reference page (10 reference)

I also have attached an pdf of an article I need it to based around.