Rationalistic Versions in Traditional Western View of Human Nature Questions

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1.The Socratic method of asking questions in his dialogues with specific examples and how it connects to the allegory of the cave.

2.Meaning of Sartre’s statement that “existence precedes essence” and what this implies about the existence of human nature

3.What are the unjustified assumptions Jean Grimshaw finds in the three feminist writers she discusses. How does this criticism challenge the traditional view of human nature?

4.Difference between a Platonic Form and the way Aristotle thinks of form. Where do these forms exist for each of them? How do we get to know them?

5.Arguments of different representatives of the atomic and relational view of the self.

6.Darwin’s theory of natural selection and how it works. Why is his argument an inference to the best explanation? Explain what it implies about human nature.

7.Explain how logic and philosophy are connected. Use concepts such as premise, conclusions, arguments, validity, clarity and so on. Give an example of this connection.

8.Compare and contrast the rationalistic and the Judeo-Christian versions of the traditional Western view of human nature.