Post University Fad Diets to Lose Weight & Bad Carbs Discussion

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Many fad diets claim we should eliminate dietary carbohydrate in order to lose weight. The truth is that calories from all sources need to be managed for weight control. For this discussion, read the following article in full:

Rodriguez, D. (2017, September 05). Good vs. Bad Carbohydrates. Everyday Health
Retrieved March 07, 2018, from 

Next create a post that answers the following questions in your own words based on what you learned.  (Note in this discussion board you will not see other comments until you create your first post).

1) How does the information in the article compare to what you have heard about different types of carbohydrates?

2) Identify two specific choices (food or beverage) you might make in order to replace a ‘bad carb’ with a ‘good carb’ in your own diet. (Choose examples beyond those listed in the article and from two different food groups) 

3) The average American tends to consume excessive simple and added sugars (‘bad’ carbs), while lacking in ‘good carbs’ from dairy, whole grains, fruit and starchy vegetables.  Do you agree? Have you observed this?  Discuss your observation and thoughts.