PHIL110 Central Texas College Luxury Beauty Skincare Package Paper

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Goal: Create an advertisement that is full of fallacies intended to manipulate the audience.

Course Objective: CO 1&2


For the Full of Fallacies assignment, you will create an advertisement that is full of fallacies. You may find a list of fallacies under “What are some logical fallacies? in the Lesson, and also “Logical fallacy definitions:” The intention of the advertisement is to manipulate the audience using any number of logical fallacies. To complete the assignment, you will need to complete, Part I: Advertisement and Part II: Explanation.

Part I: Advertisement

The advertisement will include the following:

– State intended product or position (what are you selling).

– 30 seconds long (video or audio). I want to go the audio way, just prepare what I need to record.

– Does not need to have any visual elements (for audio).

– Use at least 2 logical fallacies intended on manipulating the audience (minimum).

Possible Formats: Audio (radio advertisement) or video (visual media advertisement).

Part II: Explanation

In addition to the advertisement, you will provide a brief explanation, after the advertisement, of why you chose specific logical fallacies and why they might be successful in manipulating the audience.


– If you chose the video option, you can use Kaltura to record and submit your advertisement.

– If you chose the audio option, you can use Vocaroo or upload an MP3.

Consider the following:

– Have fun with this assignment and be creative!

– If you need an alternative format, please contact your instructor immediately.

– For grading expectations, please see the Fallacies rubric.