PHIL 330 Atlanta Technical Philosophical Basis for Ethical Decision Making Discussion

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Reflection post

choose one:

  • The study of ethics is philosophical in nature; it is the attempt to determine the right and wrong features of our acts. But it could have practical implications as well. Take some time to think about what those might be. Present your conclusions here in a careful and articulate manner.
  • For the philosopher, “because God said so” is an unsatisfactory answer to the question “why is act X moral (or immoral)?” Carefully explain why that is so.
  • *The lecture “Knowing and Doing” says “One might believe that in order to live well and good, the child does not require a better answer to his question than the one offered.” Do you believe this? In other words, do you believe that it is possible to live a moral life without knowing why it is a moral life? Or do you believe that to live morally you are required to have a philosophical basis for your beliefs about ethics?*(this one)