PHIL 101 SUNY at Stony Brook Philosophy The Great Conversation Book Questions

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1. What kind of thing is most real for Aristotle?  Contrast with Plato. (page 187 from the text)

2. Explain each of the four causes that Aristotle talks about. (page 197 from the text)

3. How are Aristotle’s forms both like and unlike Plato’s Forms?  (page 197 from the text)

4. In what way is substance the primary category of being, according to Aristotle?  (page 203 from the text)

5. What is God like, according to Aristotle?  What kind of cause is God?  (page 203 from the text)

6. Characterize the three levels of soul.  (page 208 from the text)

7. Why does Aristotle think happiness is the highest good?  (page 212 from the text)

8. Why cannot pleasure be the essence of happiness?  Why not honor or fame? (page 212 from the text)

9. Why does Aristotle say that ethics cannot be an exact science?  (page 212 from the text)

10. What is practical wisdom?  (page 218 from the text)