Personal branding statement

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1. Begin Project 3 (see the steps below) which has two deliverables: a personal branding statement and your newly created — or recently revised — LinkedIn profile. Project 3 should be completed by Tues., April 30.

Project 3 (“Designing Your Professional Presence”) has four steps to follow:

Step 1: Engage in analysis and reflection. In other words, consider your career goals and also what you are comfortable sharing publicly prior to creating (or revising) your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2: Create a positive personal branding statement. The official directions state that your statement can be up to 200 words, but I think a better range is 33 to 85 words — as illustrated in the samples (see attached and follow this formatting). Nonetheless, I will accept personal branding statements of 86 to 200 words if they are well written.