Percentage of APA, accounting assignment help

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read and answer the 3 questions on page 116 in Activities for chapter 13 file

Activities for Chapter 13

1. Examine the reference lists in the joumal articles you collected for your literature review. What percentage of the reference lists are in APA style?

2. Will you be following APA style when preparing a reference list? If not, which style manual will you use?

3. Will you be citing any types of sources not covered in this chapter (e.g., a newsletter)? If yes, have you consulted a style manual to determine how to prepare the reference for it? Was the style manual useful? Explain.

literature review is

Carpenter, T. D., & Reimers, J. L. (2013). Professional Skepticism: The Effects of a Partner’s Influence and the Level of Fraud Indicators on Auditors’ Fraud Judgments and Actions. BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING , 25 (2), 45-69.

Murphy , P. R., & Free, C. (2016). Broadening the Fraud Triangle: Instrumental Climate and Fraud. BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING , 28 (1), 41-56.