PART ONE: Discussion – Real time Data Warehousing, business and finance homework help

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PART ONE: Disussion – Real time Data Warehousing — Due Mon Aug 21 2017

(Only Needs to be 150 Words)

Organizations require faster decision making to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Data comes in faster and requires immediate conversion. Real-time data warehousing (RDW) is also known as active data warehousing (ADW). RDW is the process of loading and providing data via the data warehouse as it becomes available.

For this discussion, explore the following questions:
In an organization, what kinds of applications require real-time data warehousing?

Discuss applications that do not require real-time data warehousing.
What is the difference between the two and why is real-time data warehousing important only to some applications?

PART TWO: Current Event – Data Warehousing

(I can make it an Audio File. You just need to type it up!)

This is a slightly different type of forum. You will create an audio file then upload it for your initial post. You will respond to your classmates in the usual written manner.

Since this is a way to practice verbal reporting to a client or company officer, please offer constructive advice to your classmates on their report (i.e. – spoke too: soft, loud, fast, slow, etc) along with your comments on their audio post topic.

As you’ve learned so far, data warehousing is essential today due to its importance in adequately collecting and storing data.

Research a current event from within the last five years that relates to this week’s topic of data warehousing. Attach an audio explanation of the current event and specifically how it relates to what you’ve learned this week about data warehousing.

PART THREE: Written Assignment – ETL Pocess

The ETL Process is the heart of the technical side of data warehousing. Conduct some independent research on the ETL Process.

Write a 1-2 page APA formatted paper with citations and references that analyzes why the ETL process is important for data warehousing efforts. Within your paper, discuss the three steps of the ETL process and briefly describe the four categories of ETL technologies. Please provide examples of ETL technologies.

PART FOUR: PROJECT – Data Retrevial

Use the 2014 Fourth Quarter spreadsheet for this deliverable.

Take the original spreadsheet and delete the columns that will not be necessary in your analysis.

In the same Excel spreadsheet, create a new tab called “Module 03 Explanation”. In the Module 03 Explanation tab, provide an explanation on the fields that you will use and the fields that you eliminated. What was your reasoning?

Submit the edited spreadsheet with only the fields you will use to determine if the sales consultants are in policy.