Nietzsche – Beyond Good and Evil, philosophy homework help

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Nietzsche – Beyond Good and Evil

Toward the end of Part 1 (pp. 23-24), regarding the past and present state and significance of psychology, respectively, Nietzsche writes:  “All psychology so far has been stuck in moral prejudices and fears:  it has not ventured into the depths…never before have intrepid voyagers and adventurers opened up a more profound world of insight:  and the psychologist who ‘makes sacrifices’…can at least demand in return that psychology again be recognized as queen of the sciences, and that the rest of the sciences exist to serve and prepare for it.  Because, from now on, psychology is again the path to the fundamental problems.”

Based on the sections of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil that we read in class, please answer the following question as accurately, completely, and coherently as possible:

How does Nietzsche’s use of psychology contribute to his analyses of philosophy, the religious character, and morality in relation to both the past failures and potential future successes of humanity?

  Papers must be double spaced, 3-5 pages in length, and free of spelling/grammatical/mechanical errors.  Please make use of any sections of the text that we discussed in class that you believe will most adequately address the exam question, and please note that you are not responsible for including any sections of the text that we did not cover in class.  Please remember that you may use your notes as well as Nietzsche’s text, but no other outside sources will be permitted for this paper, including the translators’ introductory essay that occurs prior to Nietzsche’s actual writing; please consult your syllabus for the academic honesty policy for this course.  While you are not required to quote passages from the text, if you choose to do so remember that they should be brief and should only be used to support your explanations and not replace them.  If you include any quoted material you may simply indicate the page number(s) in quotes at the end of the passage(s); please do not include footnotes, endnotes, a bibliography, works cited page, etc.


I want this in a level 100 writing. simple language and should not be from external  source as the professor has stated.