Macomb Community College Augustine Criticism Discussion

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Hello, I have some work to do , everything is explained below .

Discussion Board #4: Augustine!

In the “School of Life” video addressing Augustine, the narrator discussed two beliefs that he contends were widely held by the Romans – but which were “furiously” contested by St. Augustine. What is your own assessment of these two beliefs? Do you think they are widely held today? Does Augustine’s criticism have relevance for us today? (Your initial post should be at least six sentences .

Also there’s these questions to be done

Reading Review #4 The reading for this week will be pages 59-72 and 74-86 from GT

.1. In Section 1 (of our first reading) the editors present Epicurus’ version of the “problem of evil.” What, in summary, is this problem?

2. Also in Section 1 (of our first reading), Augustine then attempts to address the “problem of evil” by offering a particular understanding of “evil” as well as offering an explanation for how beings might be “corrupted.” Please summarize each of these positions.

3. While both Aristotle and Aquinas see “happiness” as man’s highest good, what argument does Aquinas give for the view that “wisdom” cannot be found in our natural life – but rather that man’s “ultimate happiness” consists in the contemplation of God? (Hint: See Section #4!)