Identify any academic, social/emotional, and career issues affecting the student, psychology homework help

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For this assignment, you will complete a case conceptualization for a hypothetical student. You were assigned one of three student scenarios about a hypothetical student while at the residency. For this assignment, assume you have worked with the student in that scenario at least twice and have completed a thorough review of the cumulative folder containing the student’s information. In this assignment you will:

  1. Identify any academic, social/emotional, and career issues affecting the student.
  2. Identify and discuss any possible risk factors for the student.
  3. Identify any additional issues/needs of the student’s family.
  4. Explore any legal or ethical implications of the student’s case and recommend actions to mitigate legal or ethical risk.
  5. Discuss possible aspects of the case that may affect your ability to build a therapeutic relationship (explore your possible biases).
  6. Discuss possible interventions—including opportunities for collaboration and consultation—and provide the rationale behind your recommendations.
  7. Write clearly without grammatical errors, following APA style and format requirements.

Scenario 3 – Janeen is an African American student in her junior year of high school. She has been skipping school and her grades have been dropping for the last month. Her family is putting pressure on her to improve or she will be transferred to a private boarding school in another state. Janeen’s father is a Baptist minister and the family is very active in the church. Janeen tells you she was “born in the wrong body” and feels like a male, but is too afraid to tell her parents because they will disown her. She has been bullied for dressing like a guy.