i need two paragraphs about specific question and from specific reading? i will give an example

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I’m gonna upload the questions and the reading and the example is important.

Requirement :

1: INTRO – (2-3 sentences)

list the idea “answer”

2: BODY- (7-9 sentences)

write the evidence “specific example” at least 2 example

3: conclusion- (2-3 sentences)


* if you could draw a small example to show your point that’s good


NOTE: Your answers will be evaluated on:

A) your ability to precisely and succinctly discuss all aspects of the question

B) your selection of illustrative examples with drawings

C) the clarity of thought nand breadth of knowledge

 Student Name, Section and ID #

 The two selected Question re-written in your own words

 Answers to each of the selected question must include discussion on examples
from the respective Lecture and Readings as well as illustrative Drawings of
these examples