Human Resource Management – exam

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  1. Job analysis is just another burden placed on organizations through EEO legislation.

    1. An organization should follow a promote-from-within policy.
    2. QUesTION 3
    3. Globalization has led us to the realization that workers a interchangeable between countries so long as language issues are resolved.
    4. QUESTION 4

      1. Investments in career development do not provide an organization a viable return on its investment. It simply raises employees’ expectations, and then, if not fulfilled, cause employees leave. Accordingly, the organization has trained employees for its competitors.

        QUESTION 5

        1. Training organizational members how to be coaches and how to empower employees should be a major HRM activity in the next decade.
        2. QUESTION 6

          1. Employees should not be permitted to see their personnel files. Allowing them to review the file constrains realistic observations by managers. Accordingly, as long as the information is not used against an employee, these files should be off limits.
          2. QUESTION 7

            1. Given that the white male is becoming a “minority” in the workplace, they should be afforded affirmative action protection.
            2. QUESTION 8

              1. Proper selection is a substitute for socialization.

                QUESTION 9

                1. All that is required for successful labor-management relations is common sense, sound business judgment, and good listening skills.
                2. QUESTION 10

                  1. Flexible benefits programs are employer inducements to reduce benefits costs. The average employee has neither the ability nor information to make such important choices. Employees should suspect such programs.