History of Fashion Class , history homework help

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topics for the research paper,

History of dyes, dyeing and color, history of makeup and tattoos, history of makeup and hairstyles in ancient egypt, dress as communication, portrait painting and fashion, fashion and class in europe 1600-1790, history of the westren footwear. These are the TOPICS

History of Fashion Class

The paper will be a minimum of 8 pages of text no larger than 12 point font and double-spaced. It will be between 9 and 13 pages long including illustrations. You will use a minimum of 10 separate sources that must include books, articles, museum websites, and other academic sources. Our textbook does not count as one of your references. The paper must have a cover page/title page that includes: Name of the class, Your name, Instructor’s name, Semester, Title of the paper and a final ABSTRACT (350 words max.) You may also include an image or graphic if you like.The paper must be formatted in CHICAGO style. Use either footnotes or endnotes. The Bibliography must be included at the end of the paper. You need a minimum of 10 sources, but you can have as many above that as you like.You can include the images in the body of the text or you can put them at the end of the paper. If they are at the end, treat them like endnotes. You must refer to the image # in the related text, and should have a short caption underneath each image to provide context.Don’t forget to incorporate DRESS MOTIVATIONS into your paper! Please remember that you can ask librarians for help. You can also seek assistance through the Tutoring Center, which provides writing help and editing. This paper is important – it is worth 20% of your total grade. The final paper must be turned in as a hard copy and printed in color.