GELO 3 Earth and environment Questions Assignment 3

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only do these three questions

1.What are the key issues (environmental, resource, social, and/or governmental) that are

influencing the population patterns for China and Japan? Would a demographer in 1975 have

been able to make accurate predictions for 2016? (8 points)

2. What environmental, resource, and public policies are influencing the population pyramid

patterns for Kenya and the United States? (8 points)

3. Discuss the data in

Table 3. Energy Use and Population

(from the worksheet).

How does

the data presented in the table suggest that the problem of over-population involves more

than a simple increase in the number of people? What else, besides the size of the population

should be considered when discussing resource use? How can the factors and changes noted

be expected to affect malnutrition and hunger? (9 points) that doc talk about