GCU International Perspectives in Public Health Discussion

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– Two separate discussion questions (350 to 400 words each).

– Provide at least two references APA style on each.

1 Think about the need for shelter, food, potable water, sanitation, health care, and other service provisions as a country endures a complex emergency (war, civil conflict, and political violence). What is the role of international, national, nongovernmental organizations, military, and other humanitarian actors in humanitarian aid, relief, and response? Why are commercial interests a conflict and can compromise public health? Provide an example of a complex emergency and lesson learned that has emerged in the last 10 years.

2- After viewing “Poverty Inc” located in the topic Resources, discuss how responding to complex emergencies impacts one of the servant leadership principles. As a servant leader, explain the balance between capacity-building and supporting the local community. Reflecting on your responsibilities as a public health partner, how is your professional role impacted by the limitations of humanitarian aid? Discuss the line between helping and hurting the community.

Some resources:


Global CHE Network – Change in a Million Villages

Poverty.Inc.2014.1080p Subtitulado al Español – YouTube

7 Standards of Excellence – SOE (Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission)

Global CHE Network – Change in a Million Villages

Complex emergencies : FAO in Emergencies