FSSC Renewable Sources of Energy Discussion and Responses

The three main energy sources we use are Fossils Fuels, Nuclear, and Renewable. However fossil fuels, or nonrenewable resources makes up the highest amount, 80%. The three main fossil fuels used are coal, oil, and natural gas. Coal is produced from ferns, plants, and tree from before the time of dinosaurs covered by swamps are unable to decompose. Adding Pressure and heat turns them into coal, a combustible rock made of carbon. Despite it being a rich energy source, they are nonrenewable, which means they are being used faster than they can be reproduced. They also have the highest level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions which is terrible for the environment. They put animals, humans, and plant life at risk with health issues. And other resources, like oil are difficult to extract as well as expensive because of the geopolitical issues that arise. They are not available everywhere, and cost money to transport.

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