Forensic Science Worksheets

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This set of case notes is different from your previous ones. In it, you will be asked for your opinions. Your opinions must be supported by facts and evidence, but you WILL NOT be able to simply cut and paste answers from the book or paraphrase from your case notes. You will need to use critical thinking skills to draw conclusions from your results, and integrate the data from your evidence with the context provided by witness statements. There are detailed instructions and even some examples provided in the document you will submit for grading. You will also need to download and read the Witness Statements pdf.

Take a look at the rubric and see how this assignment will be graded; the common phrase is “…questions are answered sufficiently, correctly, and appropriately.” There may be more than one way to answer the questions posed that meet the standards of sufficient and appropriate; however, correct means exactly that. If you make a statement that is wrong or not “provable” with evidence (for example: Richard dies from a gunshot wound or Ralph and Richard were members of rival gangs) you will lose points. You will have the chance to discuss motive in module 14 (putting the pieces together) after you have made your timeline, so please hold your creative writing until then.