FNCN Scientific Knowledge the Demarcation Problem Discussion

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For this week’s assignment, provide ALL of the information in the prompts below. You have the choice of submitting your work from the following formats:

1. Create a trifold informational brochure addressing all of the prompts. You can find many templates on Microsoft Word Online.

2. Write a Five-paragraph essay with at least three APA-formatted references.


  1. Outline the demarcation problem, paradigms, and anomalies.
  2. Share the definition of a paradigm, and provide examples of how paradigms would work in the world.
  3. Share the definition of an anomaly, and share examples of anomalies found in life and the world around you.
  4. Define the demarcation problem, and share where this fits into paradigms and anomalies.
  5. State the importance of philosophy, asking questions, and understanding paradigms and anomalies.
  6. Be sure to provide sources to back up your thoughts and ideas. Cite your eText and other credible material within your answer as providing a works cited page with your references cited in APA format.