Ethical Issues Tuskegee Study and The Death of Karen Ann Quinlan Case Study

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Read and give your opinion in writing of the the following Cases. Your opinion must be at least a well formed paragraph or two for each case.

1)Tuskegee Study

2)Death Of Karen Ann Quinlan

3)Surrogate Mother

4)Drugs Devices and Disclosures

5)Steven Jobs Liver Transplant

6)Unmarried in Saudi Arabia

7) Egyptian Doctor

8) Global Violence Against Women


Page 69 Tuskegee Study

Page 70 Death Of Karen Ann Quinlan

Page 71 Surrogate Mother

Page 86-87 Drugs Devices and Disclosures

Page 89 Steven Jobs Liver Transplant

Page 116 Unmarried in Saudi Arabia

Page 120 Egyptian Doctor

Page 132 Global Violence Against Women