Essay + presentation on working in China

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Working in China

Prepare an essay plus presentation slides on the following task:



As members of the human resource development of a large multinational corporation, you have been given responsibility to devise a programme to prepare managers and other parent company employees who will be working in China.

Prepare an essay followed with presentation that you might give to these employees, including general information on the country, history, culture, language and customs and work-related attitudes. Use anecdotes and solid examples to illustrate your essay.

You will be required to defend your ideas to a panel in a presentation.

Word limit:

Essay 1500 world – You will need to do a PowerPoint as well for the panel presentation.

Reference List and resources

You need to support your work with reference to academic sources (e.g. books and journal articles) as well as examples of organisational good practice (e.g. practitioner magazine articles / websites – chosen carefully).

Use Harvard referencing style (see the Learning Resources website:


  • 0% plogarizm
  • Not less than 10 academic references