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Grade Criteria •Provided information that is clearly related to the topics and added new concepts or ideas. Your post includes at least one or more supporting details which might be a library database article or web address of a site(s) related to the topic in your post.Web sites cited must contain active links and posts would include your summaries or quotes of the information from that source. The post should be between 250 to 500 words.

There are many attributes to a successful business, among them are:

1. Unique Product

2. Great Customer Service

3. Elegant & Robust Technology

4. Knowledgeable Employees

5. Talented Leadership

6. Convenient Locations

7. Ability to Adapt to Change

8. Right Price

9. Efficient Communication

10. Access to Scarce Resources

11. Notable Culture. Select one (1) attribute and discuss why you believe this attribute is important to a successful business and suggest how a company may develop them. Include at least one link to an article on your selected attributes.