ece353 week 5 discussion 1 RESPONSE j.h.

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Share an additional strategy that the teacher used to enhance cognition that your peer did not mention. In addition, suggest an activity that families could use at home that would reinforce the strategy that teacher was using in the video. Please write 4 sentences or more.

Cognitive Development and Learning…

I choose to review the video, Beyond Fingers: Place Value & the Numbers 11-19. In the video, Ms. Lassiter different strategies for students to recognize and count numbers 11-19 which were modeling, assessment (writing), and using a math journal(accountability). The first strategy she used was modeling. Ms. Lassiter drew a ten frame on the board and filled it with counters. Once she filled it with counters, she made sure the children understood that when the frame is filled, it represents ten. She also showed them the counters outside of the tens frame, so they understood that the same number of counters that were in the frame is the same outside the frame because she didn’t add any counters or take any away. During this strategy, Ms. Lassiter allowed students to show what they know by asking them questions and having the come to the board show what they have learned. She also worked on place value making sure the students not only could say the number but write it correctly. For example, some students wrote 31 instead of 13 on their papers. The second strategy was the writing part in their journal. In this activity, the children had to circle a group of different objects that equaled ten. The objects on the page were scattered which encourages them to use cardinal thinking to complete the task. Once they circle the set of ten objects, they had the write the correct number of objects on the page in their journals. The last strategy, was accountability in which the students worked independently while Ms. Lassiter walked around to check their work. The students that struggled with the lesson she modified the questions for them to answer to help them understand the concept of counting the numbers 11-19. Some questions were: “How many objects did you circle?” “How many more objects are there?” “Can you count on from the number 10, if so show me?”

The three strategies, Ms. Lassiter, used while teaching the lesson on counting numbers 11-19 was influential to the children’s cognitive development. During her lesson, she modeled how to count from 10 to 12,13,14, etc. and then asked the students to either come to the board and show her their understanding or she just asked them questions. The more she received feedback through questioning them about the lesson the more it helped the children expand the comprehension of the math lesson. The feedback from the students also helped Ms. Lassiter know which children understood the lesson and those who didn’t fully understand. The children that still needed assistance she modified and repeat parts of the lesson so they could have a better understanding of the lesson.

Ms. Lassiter can reinforce the cognitive abilities of her students after completing the Math lesson by reviewing the information they went over the following day before they begin a new lesson. She could also create a fun class activity that relates to the topic. For example, Ms. Lassiter could give the students a different number of stickers ranging from 11-19. She could have them stick them on construction paper, circle 10 and write the amount they have on the paper. She could then check to make sure that they have written the number in the right order because some students may write 31 instead of 13. Also, hanging charts or examples of their work around the classroom could give them something to look back on if they need help remembering the lesson.