Discussion response 2

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During the past seven weeks of this course we have read, studied, watched videos, and written discussions that dealt with supervision and leadership in schools. I have learned an extensive amount of information regarding this topic and am very thankful for that. While reading my first discussion post, I found this phrase, “Jesus led in such a way that made people want to become His followers because he was trustworthy, transparent, and had a vision.” The three aspects of leadership I mentioned in that statement still ring true for me today. I do believe school leaders need to be trustworthy, transparent, and have a vision but that is not all. There are many other aspects of leadership that make a school supervisor. After all this, I can safely say my philosophy of leadership has been strengthened and enlightened by the new knowledge gained through this course. One of the most important things I learned through these weeks is that leadership and supervision are positions that go beyond tasks but into shepherding. Reading through the text I learned the different roles and responsibilities a school leader has such as doing observations, following up on discussions, decisions, or plans, developing professional developments, assessing data, and bringing innovative ideas and plans to the school. Along with this, there are also various types of leadership that our textbook discussed and how a good leader knows when to use these types and approaches depending on the situation and teacher. During this course, I wanted to learn more about the specific responsibilities a leader had and after studying these past few weeks I have learned about these responsibilities.

My philosophy of leadership has expanded into areas such as the importance of the development of teachers, so they can develop students. The importance of establishing warm and safe relationships with students, getting to know them, being visible to them and parents are all aspects of leadership that are beneficial. After watching the many videos, I came to the realization that leadership and supervision are positions that require character, passion, determination, vision, and tact.

I know I will continue to expand my knowledge on leadership as I study and work, but having a good foundation and understanding of these roles is essential.