Discussion HW

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We are going to present an argument to you (see below, after these instructions). It contains six statements numbered 1 to 6. This is a longer argument than you have seen before: it has five premises and a conclusion. Your assignment comes in two parts:

Part One of your assignment: Two of the six statements function as intermediate conclusions. Recall that an intermediate conclusion must be supported by (must follow from) one or more other premises, but also is used as a premise that supports a further statement. (See Lesson 5, “Simple and Complex Arguments”.)

What you need to do: find one of these intermediate conclusions and identify by number which statement (or statements) support it and which statement it supports. In other words, you are telling me which line(s) are premise(s) for your Intermediate Conclusion, and which line it is a premise for. Be sure to identify all lines by number.

Part Two of your assignment. The main conclusion (6) of the argument, that sometimes doing an immoral act is reasonable, seems very implausible. So we want you to make a case that it is false. For the conclusion to be false means there must be something wrong with the argument. So find a flaw in the argument (an incorrect premise and/or inference), and give good reasons why it is in error.

Okay, here is the argument:

If you cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend, you are not respecting him or her.

If you cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend, you are doing something immoral.

Sometimes cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend is in your own best self-interest.

Sometimes doing an immoral act is in a person’s best self-interest.

If any act is in a person’s best self-interest, then it is reasonable for that person to do that act.

CONCLUSION: So, sometimes doing an immoral act is reasonable.

When you respond to a fellow student’s response, you need to dispute some point that another student made, and to give reasons for your response. Don’t just say something like “I disagree with his or her response.” Be respectful: the goal is to have an enlightening debate

The other students post is in the file to respond toPlease answer the questions above for the discussion question then respond to the other student from in the file upload