De Anza College Unit 5 Conservation of African Elephants Discussion

Unit 5 talks about a very powerful and overwhelming topic of species extinction prevalent today. We are losing species at an alarming rate as discussed in the Unit 5 lecture. You have chosen a specific species to learn as much as you can about, it’s behavior, where it lives, what it eats, etc. You have also researched the issues that are causing it’s populations to decrease to dangerous levels. Below are articles that discuss the current status of solutions being implemented to save your species. Read the article(s) that relate to your species, summarize the information presented in the articles AND write at least a paragraph, offering other solutions based on your own research of this species. I have also listed those solutions discussed in the lecture as possibilities depending on the species etc. The whole post should be at least 350 words. Finally, show a painting or drawing depicting the species you studied. Be sure to give the artists name (especially if it is your own)

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