Cuyamaca College Mesopotamian Deep Impact Discussion

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Module 2:

  • Using the questions below as a jump-off point, respond to one of these assigned readings (200 words minimum) and then to at least two other students posts, one of which must be on a different reading. At least 300 words total are expected (be sure to add word count). NOTE: all readings are assigned and testable on the exam, whether or not you write on them as your D-Board response.

Option #1: ISIS may have been vanquished on the battlefield (though that remains to be seen). Nonetheless, the following news article is sadly one of many to detail the malicious and atavistic campaign ISIS conducted while in power against ancient sites and museums collections in the Middle East: Mosul, Nimrud, Ninevah, Palmyra. One could make a parallel claim (and perhaps we should) for damage done to Baghdad and the Babylon site during the Iraq invasion and occupation — in particular the capital’s celebrated museum, tragically abandoned to looters during the Fall of Baghdad in 2003. Read the Kareem Shaheen article and then discuss the value of ancient art as humanity’s collective cultural heritage, and museums as storehosues of such culture.

2.9: Kareem Shaheen – Outcry over Isis destruction of ancient Assyrian site of Nimrud (READ)

Option #2: Mesopotamian Deep Impact! The Kofels site has long mystified geologists and historians alike. Referring to at least two details from the Nic Fleming article, describe what the event was, and which book helped bring it into the public consciousness. State who Mark Hempsell is and what the new explanation is. Then decide whether you find it plausible or implausible, after considering Blue Collar Scientist’s rebuttal. (Links to an external site.)

2.6: Nic Fleming – Clay tablet holds clue to asteroid mystery (READ) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.