Cultural Influences – Week 3

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Cultural Influences

Please respond to the following:

  1. In this week’s Strayer Story, you learned about the importance of BBQ culture for Leslie Roark Scott and her family. Think about your own culture and some of the artifacts (material objects) that are part of it. Identify one of those material objects (examples: food, music, clothing, book, technology, tools). Describe why you chose it and how it helps you feel connected to your own culture.
  2. What is one cultural norm (socially acceptable behavior) that has changed during your lifetime? How has it changed, and how did it influence you?

2) Your response must address the discussion question and you must also comment on at least one other student’s post.

3) Week 3: Class, this Instructor Insights video is REQUIRED for Week 3.

Given that wealth inequality in the United States is on going debate, the cause of many social and economic problems and was quite a hot-button issue in the fairly recent Presidential Election, I wanted to share this very important video with you. Many are wondering how some are becoming richer, others are becoming poorer and the middle class is shrinking in this difficult economic times. From a cultural standpoint, is poverty or wealth a general expectation of every society? What is the “culture of poverty?” Is our cultural diversity affected by the “haves and have nots?” Again, this is REQUIRED, please post your comments about the content of the video and your thoughts in the SHARE Week 3 Discussion section. .

Professor Royal-Smith

Watch VideoWealth Inequality in America

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