Creating a Social Media Strategy

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Read the articles posted in Chapter 15 Module folder “Why You Need a Well-Crafted Social Media Strategy Right Now;” “How to Compete with Social Network Influencer Platforms;” and the linked article “The Difference Between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, & Pinterest

I need Reply to TWO (2) classmates and comment on their recommendations and provide further suggestions.

Student 1

I work at House of Schwan and their job is to supply grocery and liquor stores of Wichita with alcoholic beverages. Many people enjoy a nice cold drink with their friends. This market is for everyone above the age of 21. It targets college students, working males and females who love the taste of beer. As well as people who just want to get drunk. The beer industry is huge world wide, in the U.S. and in Wichita as well. I really don’t drink beer but I was not aware that grocery stores were now able to sell “real” beer, meaning that the product has more percentage of alcohol in it and not as watered down as previous years. This should have been heavily advertised from grocery stores in the social media world. Many people would have been informed and would most likely make them shop at grocery stores for beer because it is cheaper than going to a liquor store. Social media is huge in today’s age and many young people love to use it. There are many connections that help spread the word either for a cause, to make a statement, or plain advertisement. Social media connects us together and it is fun and easy to use. Anyone can get online and begin meeting the virtual world.

Student 2

I work at an insurance brokerage, where they have many different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
There is one person who has the responsibility of updating all the social media accounts.
They post things that relate to peoples’ insurance like post from Nationwide or EMC.

I think how they could differentiate their approach is to advertise and let clients know about the social media pages that way the clients can see informational posts about their insurance.
They could also utilize these social media platforms by making advertisements that go on Facebook so when the clients are scrolling through or even future prospects they can see information about the company and to visit the website from the advertisement.
They could utilize LinkedIn by adding job descriptions on there for positions they are needing to fill.
Instagram would be a good social media platform to utilize when they have pictures they want to share with clients.