Coronary Artery Disease assignment help

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This is an
assignment that requires answering questions in list form concerning a
hypothetical situation in which a person is at risk for Coronary Artery
Disease. The specific instructions for the assignment itself and the
format will be included here:

You must use a numbered list corresponding to the numbers below in your submission for this assignment.

A middle-aged woman has been diagnosed as being at high-risk of developing Coronary Artery Disease.

What is the chemical composition of the sterol that is present in high
levels in many people in the high-risk group. Be sure to include the
functional groups and describe the structure as well as the actual
chemical formula.

2. How are the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ forms of
this troublesome sterol different chemically. Please do not just give
terms and abbreviations without explaining the chemical differences.

3. Explain what ‘good’ form of this sterol does in the body.

4. List the food groups that are the sources of the bad form.

5. What non pharmaceutical methods can be used to control the levels of this sterol?

Since some of these questions would require some investigation beyond
your text book, you should use at least 2 references besides your