Class: BCIS 1305, These assignments consist of Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint/ and a small final exam. Just click on the files and begin the assignments..

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Class BCIS 1305: I have done a couple of assignments including Office Fundamental/Windows & File. So those 2 units do NOT need to be complete. These assignments are extremely EASY and deal with Microsoft 2016. Unfortunately, I cannot complete them due to having a Macbook Pro and it is an extreme headache.

Top requirement: Pass all Assignments with atleast an A or B average (80-90%).

Important: There are training simulations before each small exam that show you how to properly complete the questions. The questions on the training are on the test. This is an extremely easy assignment. If you are proficient on the computer applications listed above then this should be a walk in the park for you.

Below is what is due:

Word: 3 assignments 2-4 (#1 has been completed)

Excel: 4 assignments

Access: 4 assignments

Powerpoint: 3 assignments


P.S. You do NOT have to click on the folders: EText, Audio Presentations, and Digital badging certification.

However, If you need extra help click on the Extext folder and there is a book that shows you proper steps. (OPTIONAL).

Once tutor is selected I will personally give you my log in info and website to complete this assignment.