CCBC The State of Nature Paper

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Both Thomas Hobbes and John Locke use a thought-experiment called “the state of nature” to help them visualize what humans are like without any laws or political systems (in short, in a “pre-political,” pre-civilized time). Of course, one very simplified way of thinking about this question is: are humans naturally good or are humans naturally greedy and selfish? As you have by now learned, Hobbes’ and Locke’s different conceptions of the state of nature led them to drastically different visions of the good society and the proper role of the state.

In this discussion, students will present what they think humans are like in a pre-civilized society without any laws or government. That is, just as Hobbes and Locke wrote about what humans were like in a state of nature, you will also write about what you think students are like in the state of nature.

Be sure, when writing about this to support your claim with good reasoning and try to bring in examples to help support your position. After describing what you think humans are like in the state of nature, offer a brief reflection on how this influences what your conception of the proper role of the state