Case Study – Patient Communication

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Communication is not considered successful until the cycle is complete; with this in mind consider the following scenario:

An 82 year old woman with moderate dementia and a hearing implement
is brought to the surgeon’s office for a follow-up appointment after hip
replacement surgery. The woman’s daughter accompanies her. The goal of
the appointment is to make certain the hip is healing nicely and to
discuss precautions before the patient returns to her assisted living
apartment. Almost immediately, the conversation is directed toward the
daughter because it is so much easier to explain to her what should be
done. (Answer all of the following questions completely.)

  1. What might the staff do to help the patient understand the following?
    1. Use the walker consistently
    2. Shoes must be leather tennis shoe type or uniform style; consider Velcro closure as opposed to laces that have to be tied
    3. Do not wear pantyhose
    4. You will not be able to walk your dog on a leash
  2. Should the patient be left out of the conversation? Should the daughter be included?
  3. In cases such as these is something other than verbal communication indicated?
  4. What type of provider would you need to contact to assist the patient with normal daily tasks?
  5. The daughter has asked for information on support group she could
    become involved with to help her understand and support her mother as
    best as she can. Locate and list two support groups that might be
    helpful for the patient’s daughter.