BIO 112 LAB Mating systems (Requirements below)

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Go to the PBS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to
play the mating game. For each of the five species listed (Great
crested grebe, burying beetle, sage grouse, eastern gray tree frog, and
satin bowerbird) summarize the desirable qualities they are searching
for in a mate. Also, make sure to identify each of the three
prospective dates for each of the five species and describe the reasons
why the two species that are not a good match are not good matches for
the species you are “setting up”.

While in the software, you may need to scroll through the dialog box
to see all of the dialog, this is done by manually clicking and holding
down on the side bar (to the immediate right of the dialog box within
the simulator) and dragging the side bar up/down.

Also, remember there are five species that you need to go through the
dating game with. To get to all five species, you will need to manually
click on the picture of the next species after completing the species
before (after completing species, it will take you back to the home page
and you will click on the picture of the next species).

Rubric for Lab 4 Report (5 pts)

You should write a full lab report that
includes: an “Introduction”, a “Materials and Methods”, “Results”,
“Discussion” sections. This lab report should be a minimum of 300 words. Only the submission of a single Word document is required for this lab report. Please
ensure that your document is either a .doc OR .docx file to ensure that
we can easily access your file from both a PC and Mac computer.

Introduction (1 pt)

  • Give characteristics of each of the five species (how big are they, how long do they live, what is their scientific name, etc.)

Materials and Methods (1 pt)

  • In paragraph format and in past tense,
    describe the materials you needed and the methods you used to complete
    this lab. Yes, we understand this is an online lab so this section is a
    little difficult, but remember, someone (who is not in this class)
    should be able to complete the lab based on what you write here so what
    should you include?

Results (2 pts)

  • Would probably be best to split this section by each of the five species
  • Describe the desirable qualities that each of the five species is looking for (1 pt)
  • Include a table that has all five species, their three potential “dates”, and the date that was the best match (1 pt)

Discussion (1 pt)

  • Discuss, in detail, who the best “date”
    was for each species and the reasons why these were their best choices
    (simply stating “they are the same species” is not an adequate answer)
  • Discuss, in detail, why each of the
    other two dates for each species was not the ideal date (simply stating
    “they were not the same species” is not an adequate answer)

1 pt will be deducted if lab report does
not meet word count requirements and up 1 pt may be deducted based on
clarity of writing and grammar mistakes.