Based on your initial assessment, what is your initial case conceptualization?, Case Vignette help

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Please answer the following questions:

Presenting Problems

  1. Based on your initial assessment, what is your initial case conceptualization? (What do you think is going on? What do you think requires intervention?)
  2. What are the global assessment considerations? (e.g., I want to see how the family members relate to each other; I want to know about patterns of relating; I want to know what the family considers to be the problem; I want to hear about antecedents and consequences; etc.)

Multicultural Practice Considerations

  1. Identify issues of diversity that may affect your understanding of what is happening in this family. What family or cultural belief systems will you need to investigate further?
  2. Identify values and beliefs of these family members that may be at odds with your own. How will you address these issues?
  3. Address how diversity issues will affect your treatment plan?

Treatment planning:

  1. The beginning of treatment:
  • Discuss the focus of treatment (e.g., how will you discuss your case conceptualization with the family?).
  • Identify at least 2 treatment goals
  • Identify at least two potential pitfalls and how you might address them.
  1. The end of treatment:
  • Discuss how you will know that treatment is complete (or that treatment goals have been met).