Astronomy 5 Lab questions

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Deep Space Dangers: Is Mars Beyond Reach?

  1. What are some of physical concerns Williams discusses when considering a trip to Mars?
  2. Discuss potential behavioral concerns for people should they travel to Mars.
  3. What are some of the possible short and long term medical concerns for crewmembers on longer space exploration trips?
  4. What is NASA currently considering as possible ways to decrease the impact of radiation during longer space missions?
  5. What insight does Williams provide regarding future space travel?
  6. Where are we able to conduct research on Earth that can help us to learn more about and train for a mission to Mars?
  7. John Bersia raises a question regarding the economics of space exploration – how does Williams justify investing in space exploration when we have so many things we still need to learn about Earth?
  8. Discuss why Williams believes travel to Mars is a possibility.

Should We Colonize Venus Instead of Mars?

  1. Explain why it may make more sense to colonize on Venus, rather than Mars.
  2. Given all the positive characteristics of Venus, why has space exploration focused so much on Mars?
  3. Explain a way to make colonizing on Venus a possibility.