Astronomy 3 Lab Questions

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Use the links to answer the questions, and also please include the questions and answers in a word document.

Five Amazing Stars

  1. Explain how UY Scuti and J0523 are different.
  2. Why will J1311 (the Black Widow Pulsar) eventually find itself without its companion star? How will this happen?
  3. How did scientists determine SM0313 is the oldest star ever discovered?
  4. What characteristics of HV2112 make it the best candidate to be classified as a Thorne-Zytkow object?

Low Mass Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #39


  1. How does a star’s mass determine its lifespan?
  2. Discuss the characteristics of cool red dwarf stars, including their mass and age.
  3. Discuss the correlation or connection between stars with a higher mass and the amount of fuel they have to work with.
  4. How old is the sun and since it’s birth, how has the sun changed?
  5. During its lifespan, what characteristics of the sun will change?