AST 131 Astronomy Formation of Our Solar System Tasks

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Task 1

 search the internet and write a one page essay on the accretion /coalescence model for the formation of our solar system

Task 2

A new object named “Quaoar” was recently found out in the Kuiper Belt. I want you to investigate the object and determine if it is a new planet, dwarf planet or not. (Please identify which criteria you are using in your determination) Also it is important to find out what the Kuiper Belt is (refer to  your text )  Start your investigation by conducting a web search on “Quaoar” the planet.

Task 3

Read through “Life in the Universe” chapter, and then discuss the following questions with your classmates:

  • Do you believe that extraterrestrial life exists? Why?
  • What effects do you think that the knowledge of extraterrestrial life will have on humanity?