Arthopods and Insects

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Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use pages 73-86 to answer them.…

  1. Identify distinguishing traits of most arthropods.
  2. What is molting? Why does it occur?
  3. Name three arthropod head appendages and state their functions.
  4. Describe two structures that allow arthropods to breathe air.
  5. Assume you see a “bug” crawling over the ground. It has two body
    segments and lacks antennae. Which arthropod subphylum does the “bug”
    belong to? Explain your answer.
  6. List several traits that characterize insects.
  7. State two important advantages of flight in insects.
  8. Give examples of insect behavior.
  9. Present facts and a logical argument to support the following statement: “Insects dominate life on Earth.”
  10. Relate form to function in the mouthparts of insects.
  11. Explain why distinctive life stages and metamorphosis are adaptive.