answering the following questions be review the essay, English homework help

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The essay in the attach file below

  1. Rate this paper’s overall readability with 5 being the Highest (very readable) and 1 being the Lowest (unreadable)
  2. How effective was the writer’s use of language? (5 = Highest: very effective; 1 = Lowest: very ineffective)
  3. Rate the strength of this paper’s thesis. (5 = Highest: very strong; 1 = Lowest: very weak
  4. Does this paper sustain a coherent point of view? Why or why not?
  5. Does each paragraph of this paper logically progress from the former ones? Why or why not?
  6. Do you feel this paper relies on evidence, or on opinion or intuition? If the latter, cite examples of where this paper relies on opinion and intuition and give suggestions as to how the writer can write more objectively.
  7. How smoothly does this paper integrate examples into its own argument? Does it clearly illustrate connections between the evidence it cites and the ideas they support, or does it merely assume them? Explain.